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Do you want freedom from the beliefs that keep you locked in a cycle of fear and suffering?

Take Me to Truth, Inc.


Ou­r retreats are based on the bestseller, The End of Death by Nouk Sanchez, which contains the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles. Our purpose is to help remove the blocks to the awareness of your True Identity as a miracle worker through teaching and practical experiential exercises.

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The End of Death

When we dare to look deeply into our own unconscious mind, we’ll be shocked to learn what we really believe about God and thus, about Self and world. Using A Course in Miracles as its treasure map, this book carves a brilliantly clear and insightful path straight toward the treasure of Christed awareness...

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About Nouk

Nouk Sanchez is a beacon of Light among the many wonderful teachers of A Course in Miracles. Her unconditional Love and depth of wisdom awaken a safe and uncompromising space for students to safely explore hidden fears and blocks to God's Love. Don't be mistaken, it hasn't been a quick and easy trip for Nouk...

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Tools for Learning

Take Me To Truth, Inc. offers a variety of tools to assist and inspire you on your path of spiritual awakening through the deeper teachings of Jesus in A Course in Miracles. This includes retreats, mentoring, tele-classes, blogs, audio and video recordings, newsletters, and other various resources.

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Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God.

A Course In Miracles

Our Mission

Our aim is to help people recognize and undo the one cause of all suffering: the ego (aka - fear). By providing resources, education and mentoring, our intent is to empower individuals with the means to trust in their Divine Teacher within.

Guiding Philosophy

Take Me to Truth, Inc. is founded upon the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles. Therefore, we are committed to manifest an unlimited extension of Love and healing into the world because our members, including those in the wider community who unite with us in Spirit, will not be divided or limited by fear regardless of form. We pledge to evolve as a living demonstration of our members’ singular devotion to God’s certain Love over fear.

About Donations

Your contribution enables us to further our dedication to listening to the voice of the Universal Inspiration and sharing it by organizing workshops, retreats and tele-classes across the world.

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