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Nouk’s Blog offers a wealth of insight, clarity, experience and practical guidance. These bite-sized chunks of wisdom are based upon the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles and Nouk’s own experience as she released her blocks to Love.

The End of Fear – Guided Meditation

The End of Fear – Guided Meditation

NOTE: Artwork by Yongsun Kim  Find a quiet place without disturbance … Find a comfortable position to rest in … and take a few moments to set your intention to open your mind and your heart … to really receive the true meaning of Love and healing. With eyes closed,...

Healing from a Special Relationship Break-up

Healing from a Special Relationship Break-up

NOTE FROM NOUK: This heartfelt essay is written and audio recorded by my beloved friend and colleague, Coreen Walson  An all too common scenario: We give our special relationship to the Holy Spirit. Our partner wants nothing to do with awakening or God or Jesus. We...

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Nouk Sanchez is a beacon of Light among the many wonderful teachers of A Course in Miracles. Her unconditional Love and depth of wisdom awaken a safe and uncompromising space for students to safely explore hidden fears and blocks to God’s Love.


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