Total Transformation Course

Join with other mighty companions all over the world in this miraculous journey from fear to Love.
Completely transform your life! NOW!

Isn’t it time you discover what you really are and accept your God-given inheritance?
The intent behind our TTC online meetings is to offer a safe, Loving and supportive environment where we interact with a community of like-minded people who are equally committed to this magnificent shift from fear… to Love without opposite.

Experience Transformation

In our safe and supportive TTC groups, you will be shown how and provided opportunities to transform every aspect of your life. From relationships to finances, health & abundance, to discovering your God appointed function and establishing Holy Relationships, this is the TOTAL transformation journey.

Simple Sign-up Process

Our easy to navigate, sign-up process will have you quickly enrolled in the TTC. Bearing in mind that there are beginners to the internet process, we have taken every step to make our website user friendly with access to assistance only a click away!

Personal Support and Mentoring

From technical assistance with the website, making donations, to personal mentoring for extra support when struggling with a specific topic or implementation of the materials provided, you will always have access to the help and support you need.

Attend From Wherever you are

This 12 month Course is held online through software called ‘Zoom’ ( In order to attend you will need a smartphone, tablet or computer with working speakers and camera and that can run this software. Your facilitator will explain further how to navigate Zoom and help you with any connectivity issues once you have enrolled.
Some of what we’ll be learning together:
  • the ego thought system and it’s goal of separation,
  • Accepting the Atonement – the remedy for every problem,
  • Special relationships v. Holy Relationships,
  • Sex vs True Intimacy,
  • 7 Keys of Authentic Communication,
  • Self abandonment v. Self Love,
  • ego defenses and our fear of Love,
  • Scarcity v. True Abundance,
  • The Body – separation vs. communication device,
  • Unreality of Death
An Invitation:
Testimonials about the TTC

I want to express my love for all of you and thank you for this year. It’s been a huge year, and you two have been absolutely awesome and lovely. For me, this year has been a total transformation. I’m not the same person who started a year ago. Everything’s changed. In the past, everything had to be scientifically proven before I could believe anything. I followed science news every day. I listened to the news several times a day to stay on the edge of time.

Now I don’t care about the world of science and I don’t listen or watch the news. I have always believed in God, even though the existence of God has not been scientifically proven. This faith has been based on personal experience. Now, however, everything has become “sense”, and I am extremely grateful for that. I had read this before, and I thought at the time that this was the truth. It’s just not enough to “think”. Through you in the TTC, it has also been possible to experience these lessons as truth. Thank you dears

“I am loving these TTC Class videos! They are blowing my mind! For 2.5 years I have studied “A Course in Miracles” and just watching these first few classes, I have learned way more. I just have to continue watching. I can’t tell you how much they have helped me, like in my real life. My depression has improved as I have learned to see that it is just an ego thought. I have learned how to recognize and re-purpose my defenses, and that’s just the tip top of the ice-berg. My relationships are being completely changed. I have learned so, so much. I mean this is LIFE CHANGING. I am not kidding!!!”


I was able to take the “authentic me” that has been hidden for 81 years out from behind the false self and bring her forward.” …“I feel so free and light and can just be me without needing to do or be for anyone else. So thank you, thank you, thank you.

Joan, USA

The TTC training has given me tremendous insights into just how the ego thought system functions. This was crucial in helping me to finally let go, forgive and heal. As an effortless consequence of this my innermost Nature has been resurrected – love, trust, laughter and light are showing up everywhere gently and naturally. I am deeply grateful to all our Mighty Companions who took this life-changing TTC journey with me.

A.Oakes, USA

“I can’t imagine any other path than the One We are All on! Separation is a state of mind, an old habit that is no longer a dominating force in my life. Nouk & Daniel, thank you from the bottom of my heart for following the Voice for God to this Awareness you are so lovingly and freely sharing with the world. You guys rock to the tune of God’s Love and Peace, and I find it an honor to dance to that level of Music.”

T. Branson, Oregon USA