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A • Most • Powerful • Learning • Academy • Is • About • To • Kick • Off!

A most powerful and transformative learning platform whose aim is to heal the entire planet is about to kick off! In addition to the inestimable value of the teachings given to us through A Course in Miracles, this platform will offer through practical steps and living demonstration, the process of completing the necessary transfer of trust that is required not only to awaken in the dream, but FROM the dream altogether. This means the literal end of the ego thought system’s most cherished idol, death itself. Holy Spirit has directed that these teachings reach a global audience without restriction.

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We have worked diligently to create the technical components that are required for such a massive undertaking and are almost there. We need a final, website launch pad that costs $5,400 USD. Once this launch pad is finished, we are ready to joyfully commence with the literal healing of the world. Will you please help us to complete this divine mission? We cannot do this without you. Your donation is tax-deductible and can be made here:

As a huge “Thank You” to each who have donated to the new web portal, you will get the first 2 months subscription FREE, so expect a VIP access to arrive in your inbox right after the new platform has been finalized. You are now privy to the Miracle that awaits collection <3 <3 <3

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Amber speaks about the value of the Platform

Savannah speaks about the  TTC Journey

Coreen Walson speaks about the TTC Journey

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$5,400 of $5,400 raised

Will you please help us to complete this divine mission? We cannot do this without you. Your donation is tax-deductible!

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We want to thank all donors from the bottom of our hearts. You make this holy and mighty project become true!

Nouk, Daniel & Coreen

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