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Nouk’s blog offers hundreds of articles on the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles, pick a topic and spend some time reading with Spirit.

Blasphemy – or – Miraculous Healing? PART ONE

PART ONE (Please listen to Part Two as well)  I feel this section is perhaps the most confronting of all Jesus’ teachings. In my three decades with the Course I have not witnessed either students or teachers expounding on the significance and repercussions of our...

Blasphemy – or – Miraculous Healing? PART TWO

      Don’t Fall for False-Forgiveness False forgiveness is an ego epidemic. And I know this first hand as I tried it over and over again only to have suffering appear to increase in my life. When we believe that something unfair – betrayal, pain, illness, lack, etc –...

Are Physical Miracles Part of Jesus’ Teaching?

      My understanding of the Course during my first twenty years of study was not very different from what most other students and teachers were prepared to assimilate from these teachings, given our level of trust in Spirit at the time. We all tried our best and...

Everything can be Healed – Literally

Listen to the AUDIO VERSION here God’s justice is opposite to the world’s belief in “justice” which always involves condemnation and some form of retribution or punishment. Divine justice knows that despite “appearances” to the contrary, there are just TWO things...

Healing the Body Via Love

From The End of Death, Vol. Two Copyright 2018 Nouk Sanchez Listen to the AUDIO VERSION here In many holistic and New Age healing circles there is a focus on learning to love the body as part of the healing process. Yet this approach will not work unless the...


Phone mentoring can be immensely helpful. The focus is taken to the present moment, a shift from fear to Love, and to the immediate miracle of forgiveness that awaits us.



Enjoy listening to recordings of educational and inspiring interviews of Nouk Sanchez including a series on A Course in Miracles‘ Manual for Teachers.



Explore the latest videos of interviews and retreats with Nouk. There are also many archived videos of teachers who have been affiliated with Take Me To Truth, Inc. which are very helpful on the path of undoing the ego.



Nouk conduct Tele-Classes while allowing Holy Spirit to DIRECT them. The sessions are casual and invite participants to explore the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles from a personal, experiential perspective.



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