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Nouk’s blog offers hundreds of articles on the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles, pick a topic and spend some time reading with Spirit.

The Miraculous Peace

This excerpt along with the powerfully transformative exercise featured at its conclusion,  is about the miraculous “piece” which is literally, our missing peace. If we only knew how invaluable this peace is, then we would surrender all for it, and having found it, we...

The Race for Understanding

Recently, I had the opportunity to join with my amazing sister and colleague Coreen Walson. Together we recognized just how subtly the false-self concept will try to convince us that intellectual knowledge and the need to understand are signs of progress on the...

An Advanced Holy Relationship – My Profound Relationship Journey – PART THREE

If you have already read or listened to PART ONE of this three part series - specifically the story of Nouk and Tomas - then you will know who Daniel is and how he was called into my life as a teacher and powerful catalyst for our miraculous transfer from special to...

When One Partner wants Awakening and the Other Doesn’t – PART TWO – My Profound Relationship Journey

In relationships either romantic or platonic, we can only recognize, extend and receive conscious Love to the degree we are willing to learn to desire to see others and our self as guiltless, as innocent. The ego cannot recognize, give or receive Love. It only knows...

My Profound Relationship Journey – from Fear to Love – PART ONE

 Introduction to this three part series                                                                                                                                            Let me say here that a Holy Relationship need not be romantic. It is not exclusive but...


Phone mentoring can be immensely helpful. The focus is taken to the present moment, a shift from fear to Love, and to the immediate miracle of forgiveness that awaits us.



Enjoy listening to recordings of educational and inspiring interviews of Nouk Sanchez including a series on A Course in Miracles‘ Manual for Teachers.



Explore the latest videos of interviews and retreats with Nouk. There are also many archived videos of teachers who have been affiliated with Take Me To Truth, Inc. which are very helpful on the path of undoing the ego.



Nouk conduct Tele-Classes while allowing Holy Spirit to DIRECT them. The sessions are casual and invite participants to explore the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles from a personal, experiential perspective.



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There are many wonderful teachers and resources available internationally for exploring A Course in Miracles; here are websites and access to some of the teachers (and resources pages) who we collaborate with or recommend.