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Nouk’s blog offers hundreds of articles on the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles, pick a topic and spend some time reading with Spirit.

Divine Non-Attachment – A Lesson from a Nut Hatch

NOTE: This wonderful essay is written by Coreen Walson I walked out onto my enclosed porch to find a Nut Hatch, a small bird native to Northern New Mexico, trapped within the screened off walls. This is nothing new and I usually can cup a bird in my hands and release...

The Grandest Illusion of all Time

I am acutely aware of my own resistance to write about this subject; our grandest of all illusions since time began. This is sure to rattle many people’s cages! Yet, until we’re at least willing to accept Jesus’ teaching on the body, unconsciously we will continue to...

Making the Positive Separation between Body and Spirit

Contrary to the beliefs of most if not all spiritual pathways, the physical body must eventually be seen as set “apart” from the Holy Self, if we genuinely want to end conflict and suffering once and for all. This does not mean that we deny the body, as only the ego...

Who Did This?! The Ego’s Dirty Little Secret

This amazing article is from my dear sister and colleague, Coreen Walson. Enjoy! I was recalling an account in the Bible where Jesus’ disciples were asking him about a man who was born blind. They asked Jesus who sinned, the blind man or his parents that he should be...

An Intimate Letter to my Beloved Companion

This is a letter to my beloved companion of sixteen years, my doggie, Neesie.  Hello my angel Neesie, You must be here in my heart. I call on you and in an instant, I feel you. There is no break in our communication even though your body is gone. My heart was so heavy...


Phone mentoring can be immensely helpful. The focus is taken to the present moment, a shift from fear to Love, and to the immediate miracle of forgiveness that awaits us.



Enjoy listening to recordings of educational and inspiring interviews of Nouk Sanchez including a series on A Course in Miracles‘ Manual for Teachers.



Explore the latest videos of interviews and retreats with Nouk. There are also many archived videos of teachers who have been affiliated with Take Me To Truth, Inc. which are very helpful on the path of undoing the ego.



Nouk conduct Tele-Classes while allowing Holy Spirit to DIRECT them. The sessions are casual and invite participants to explore the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles from a personal, experiential perspective.



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There are many wonderful teachers and resources available internationally for exploring A Course in Miracles; here are websites and access to some of the teachers (and resources pages) who we collaborate with or recommend.