Category: Healing Emotional Pain, Abuse and Trauma

The Shocking Truth about being Unfairly Treated

From “The End of Death” Volume Two Copyright 2017 Nouk Sanchez Listen to the AUDIO VERSION here The complete undoing of all suffering in our relationships, our bodies and our life depends exclusively on our...

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The Root of all Unconscious Self-Attack

From The End of Death Copyright Nouk Sanchez 2107 Behold the great illusion, the great hologram! This is the world as we have taught our self to perceive it. Yet by no means is it True. There is only one God the Father and...

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Nouk Sanchez is a beacon of Light among the many wonderful teachers of A Course in Miracles. Her unconditional Love and depth of wisdom awaken a safe and uncompromising space for students to safely explore hidden fears and blocks to God’s Love.


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