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Nouk Sanchez & Hosted by kironJ Gardner

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About the webinar

Nouk and kironJ are having wonderful holy fun together preparing for this webinar, and Jesus is right in the middle of it, showing the way.

They both feel the power of joining with their beloved brother in this holy purpose, and extend a warm, blessed welcome to you to come on in.

Here are a few topics that they may explore, but there’s no knowing quite where Spirit may lead on the day:

Special relationships – Why they’re so toxic

The real reason we experience conflict in relationships and how to use our triggers as a means to awaken

What is distinctive about “A Manual for Holy Relationship” that is not available elsewhere?

What is a Holy Relationship and why is it so crucial to awakening from suffering and separation?

How to tell if your relationship’s common purpose is really an ego goal in disguise

If you practice forgiveness with everyone you meet, is this as powerful and healing as practicing forgiveness in a holy relationship?

Some more information

Nouk has been journeying deeply with A Course in Miracles and in particular with its central teaching of holy relationship for 30 years.

Among the fruits of this journey to an awakened awareness are the best selling books ‘Take Me to Truth’ and ‘The End of Death’, and the soon to be published ‘A Manual for Holy Relationship’ as part II of ‘The End of Death’ trilogy.

In this webinar Nouk will be sharing about the immeasurable gifts of the Course’s teaching on holy relationship (not commonly understood), how these gifts have been received in her life, and how we all can open to this radical path of peace.
Nouk has undergone an intense process in bringing forth this Manual, and now she is ready to share its blessings.

kironJ will lead a healing meditation, and there will be an opportunity for participants to share.

Nouk and kironJ are delighted that Spirit has brought them together for a webinar, and they are very much looking forward to joining with participants in this holy purpose.

About kironJ Gardner

Absolutely ACIM

kironJ is an A Course in Miracles teacher and healer in the UK and she is dedicated to the Course.

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NOTE: This Webinar will be recorded for those who cannot attend “live”.