Israel – April 2019

A Transformational Pilgrimage

with Nouk Sanchez, Daniel Boissevain & Coreen Walson

Join Us! April 23 – May 5

This is a magnificent journey to the Holy Land with a like-minded group of people – a trip that will alter our perception and connect us to the deepest places of our being. Truly, it’s an experience of going from the head and deeply into our heart!

What makes a perfect experience is the right group, the right place and a child like approach in allowing our self to be led through the Holy Land. Israel shares her memories, secrets and depth willingly. The country is wide open and holds nothing back. It gives us everything and in the process the world disappears and only the present moment is available.

It is in this precious Holy Instant that each person in the group is given access to deep transformation within. We’ll be immersed in the now moment, whether it be on the Mount of Olives, the Sea of Galilee or in the very heart of Old Jerusalem. Even the most resistant of cellular memories usually emerges for embrace.

We are blessed to take this journey with our guide Sam who not only shares in depth history and details of the ancient times but he embodies a universal understanding of humanity as well.

Moving in and amongst such ancient and sacred sites will be made even richer by the joined intention of our wonderful group. Collectively, our one desire to know Truth is what will create such a perfect experience for healing, self inquiry and joyful fun!

Although Nouk Sanchez, Daniel Boissevain & Coreen Walson will host this pilgrimage, there will not be a workshop/retreat. No formal “teaching” will take place. This journey will be entirely Spirit led.

We have only a few seats left

We’ll be taking no more than 48 people (from all over the world) so please make sure to register your expression of interest. Details, itinerary, tour package prices and registration are posted on our website.

If you are interested, please leave your name and email below

Seats are filling up quickly. Please express your interest as soon as possible: