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The Value of Mentoring
Undoing the ego thought system can feel pretty rocky at times especially as we dive in to its initial three stages– undoing, sorting out and relinquishment (for more on the six stages of the development of trust, read Take Me to Truth). This is basically the undoing of all the (conscious and unconscious) beliefs and values that have caused suffering. It’s the undoing of the false self-concept that we have mistaken for our Holy Self. In the process of returning to Love, we must release the blocks that have kept us from recognizing and embodying the consistent joy, Love and peace of our one Holy Self. As our beliefs and values begin to fall away, we’re often hit by a period (or periods) of disorientation where it seems as if important areas of our life are threatened by loss or change.
Although I (Nouk) don’t feel guided to offer phone mentoring at present, I am delighted to recommend my colleague Coreen Walson.
About The Mentors
Coreen Walson
Powerful mentoring and healing…
No matter where you are on your path, it is my great joy and privilege to join with you and to assist you in recognizing the Truth of your being and to help you move forward as you feel called to do, or to provide healing treatment for whatever challenge you appear to be facing. To find out more about Coreen’s energy healing sessions, please contact her: coreenwalson[at]