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The ego seeks to divide and separate. Spirit seeks to unify and heal.

noukies jesus photos buckman 2013 134 (2)Our Guiding Philosophy

God’s Love is in everyone and everything because God is in our mind and heart and we are as God. Therefore an organization’s structure cannot limit God’s Love unless its members mistakenly choose to prioritize fear over Love.

An organization is always comprised of people expressing different phases of the God they are. Its success or failure reflects either its members’ level of trust in Love (God) or their degree of trust in fear (ego).

While Take Me to Truth, Inc.’s basic form (structure) must conform to the standard laws of the world, its content (willingness to listen to and act on inner Guidance) is based on God’s Laws and the deeper teachings of Jesus through A Course in Miracles.

Take Me to Truth, Inc. is committed to manifest its unlimited extension of Love and healing into the world because our members, including those in the wider community who unite with us in Spirit, will not be divided or limited by fear regardless of form. Therefore, we pledge to evolve as a living demonstration of our members’ singular devotion to God’s certain Love over fear.



History of Take Me To Truth, Inc.

Take Me To Truth, Inc. (TMTT) is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and was co-founded by Nouk Sanchez and Sparo Vigil in March 2011. Nouk was strongly nudged by Spirit to create a non-profit even though she didn’t know why or really what was entailed in creating a non-profit organization. Nouk mentioned her vision to Sparo who immediately offered to help in whatever way necessary. Sparo had just spent 4 years as an administrator for a church and consequently learned a lot about what would be needed to create and maintain a strong foundation for the new non-profit.

For most of 2011, Nouk began receiving and writing what would become The End of Death. These deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles were experienced as transmissions that Nouk received subsequent to experiencing a dark night of the soul after her teaching partner, Tomas Vieira passed away in December 2010. It became more and more clear to Nouk that she would extend the literal experience of the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles through retreats organized through the non-profit. The first was held in Pecos, New Mexico, October 2011 with co-presenter, Stacy Sully. And in December of 2011, Sparo Vigil was invited to take on the role of Executive Director for Take Me To Truth, Inc.

In the first few years of TMTT’s existence, Nouk invited a number of wonderful teachers to join with her in extending the message of A Course in Miracles including Stacy Sully, Carrie Triffet, Steve Wood, John Mark Stroud and Sparo Vigil. Of course there have been many many other teachers who have shown up as board members, mighty companions and willing participants in retreats and through social media contact. TMTT is blessed to have a variety of inspired and devoted volunteers who keep showing up in perfect timing.

TMTT is guided by Nouk Sanchez as the Spiritual Director, Sparo Vigil as the Executive Director and Sally Patton as the board president. As Nouk, Sally and Sparo learn and embody the deeper teachings of A Course in Miracles through The End of Death Trilogy the vision for TMTT keeps getting more and more clear. TMTT’s board of directors are very devoted, hard-working individuals who have participated in retreats and are also studying these deeper teachings. Although retreats offer the most notable extension and experience of these life-changing teachings, newsletters, tele-classes, interviews, mentoring blogs and social media are some of the additional venues that are available. And more opportunities keep opening up to remind us all of the truth of the Christ we Are!



Board of Directors

DSC_0890 (1)I, Sally Patton President of TMTT, Inc. moved from the Boston area to Abiquiu, NM in 2011 and immediately became involved with TMTT as one of its original board members serving first as secretary/treasurer. Looking back on my life’s journey, I can clearly see how all experiences, even the challenging and painful ones, have been perfect for teaching me to remember the Truth of my unchanging Holy Self and led to this move to NM and working with TMTT. There are no accidents.

I became a student of A Course in Miracles in 2004 and then read the book, Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego in 2007. After reading the book, I knew I was supposed to talk with the co-author, Nouk Sanchez. It was during our long talk and joining that I learned Nouk lived in NM, a place I’ve always known I was supposed to live. It resonated deep in my heart as yes, I’m to be in NM with Nouk, and this is perfect. Nouk was also moved to write the foreword to my book on parenting without fear, Don’t Fix Me I’m Not Broken: Changing Our Minds about Ourselves and Our Children, published in 2011.

For most of my professional career I worked with nonprofit organizations either as advisor/consultant, development director or executive director. Now, I am devoted fully to embodying the teachings of A Course in Miracles, A Course of Love, The Way of Mastery and the deeper teachings coming forth in The End of Death trilogy. It feels the sole reason I developed these professional skills is for helping TMTT create and maintain a strong foundation to support these deeper teachings. I feel as if my entire life has been in preparation for this work with TMTT, to be part of ending the ego’s dream of fear.


TaniaHKI, Tania de Winne Vice President of TMTT, have been in search of the cause of diseases since my medical training in the nineties in Belgium. A Course in Miracles, which describes the one cause of all diseases, had been sitting on my bookshelf since 2004. However, it was not till 2008 when I met Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Vieira in Belgium that I became a student of the Course. I was the translator for Nouk’s and Tomas’ workshop on their book Take Me to Truth; Undoing the Ego. The total undoing of my life ensued and I traveled with them to their workshops around the world. I was fortunate to be able to do the ACIM workbook lessons and also receive first hand teaching from them!

My involvement with their work and deep friendship with Nouk led to accepting the honor of becoming the Vice President for the Take Me To Truth organization, founded in 2011. I also fully support the deeper teachings of Jesus as they are coming through Nouk in The End of Death trilogy of books. I have never met a more committed or congruent teacher than her!






Phill_on_the_dancing_boat2I, Phillip Palmer, currently serve on the board of TMTT as Secretary/Treasurer. I am retired after working for 25 years in the field of scientific research. I live in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

I was introduced to A Course in Miracles late in 2011 when my daughter, Sparo, gave me a copy of the book Take Me To Truth; Undoing the Ego written by Nouk Sanchez and Tomas Viera. I was drawn to their straightforward explanation of ACIM principles and concepts. I then began reading the text of ACIM and was led to attend my first TMTT retreat in Santa Fe, NM in May of 2012. The retreat claimed to be a paradigm shifting experience and I can say it truly was.

It is miraculous the spiritual and health changes I have seen in myself and others by daily living the ACIM principles and following the deeper teachings coming through Nouk in The End of Death. I now have attended numerous TMTT retreats and continue to see the miracles that result for all of us. I have nothing but gratitude for having been asked to serve on the board in 2014. I feel strongly guided to do all I can to promote and support TMTT’s teachings on undoing the ego.




I, Lynne Martin, have been a Massage Therapist for thirty-two years and in answer to many people’s questions, my hands never get sore and tired. I am blessed to do work that brings me so much satisfaction and gives joy to so many people. Being a Massage Therapist gives me an opportunity for creative freedom of expression that my spirit just loves. I live in Toronto, Canada with my partner, my beautiful dog Ramona and seven adorable cats.

I always admired those who seemed to know their spiritual path. I had always been a dabbler and a seeker spiritually, until the day I opened a book that had been sitting in my bookcase for ten years. As soon as I started to read A Course in Miracles, my life changed and I knew I was on my way.

Years later I was led to Nouk’s teachings and then attended three retreats. I was in awe of the deep truth that Nouk teaches. The most life changing and profound healing for me came from the teaching coming through Nouk on forgiveness and atonement in The End of Death, volume one.

Serving as a board member of TMTT is a very small way for me to extend gratitude, thankfulness, and support to Nouk and Sparo for all the work they do. Thank you.


Made with Repix (http://repix.it)I, Coreen Walson, was born and raised as a Christian Scientist. The truths that the ego is the self-created illusion that we are separate from our Creator and the understanding that Atonement brings healing to every problem have been ingrained in me since I was a young child. I have experienced instantaneous, physical healings and have often wondered why this form of healing was not more widely known and universally celebrated!

In 2012, I discovered Nouk Sanchez’ blog on the Take Me To Truth website. I was so excited to read what she was receiving and sharing with the A Course in Miracles community. Everything she wrote resonated deeply within me and I knew at once that I needed to go to Santa Fe, NM to meet her. I attended her retreat workshop in October of 2013 and found my spiritual family. As I delved into Nouk’s teachings, so many questions that I had were answered. I rejoiced in the gathering of like minded souls whose passion is to awaken from the ego dream altogether and claim their identity and birthright as the spiritual offspring of God.

The teachings I received in Christian Science and the deeper teachings of ACIM coming through Nouk in The End of Death dovetail so beautifully. It became very clear to me that my purpose in life is to support TMTT as well as develop my healing practice. By February of 2014, I left my career of 17 years as an attorney, left my spouse, home, all my belongings and packed up my car with some personal affects and headed to Santa Fe to live full time. I am now committed to serving those who also hear the call to leave all for Christ and to help mentor those who have heard it but aren’t clear on the “how”. It is my great privilege to serve with these wonderful Souls as a board member of TMTT.

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